TRACK 18: Digital Government Student Track

Track Chairs: Bettina Distel (University of Muenster, Germany), Hendrik Scholta (University of Muenster, Germany), Karen Mossberger (Arizona State University, USA), Marzia Mortati (Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy)

This track addresses Bachelor and Master students and encourages them to submit and present their work at the conference. With this format, we aim to provide students with a first-hand experience of how research works and deepen their interest in academia. We want to attract the original work of students, facilitate a constructive and developmental double-blind peer-review process, and subsequent publication of their works. In contrast to the general research tracks, students will be the first authors of the papers in this track and present their work at the conference. We encourage supervisors to act as co-authors to ensure a scientifically guided paper development process. All topics in the area of digital government are welcome. For exemplary topics, please take a look at the topics listed in the other tracks. We are open to all conceptual and empirical papers that use all kinds of research methods. The participation in the student track will be possible online and offline. This track gives Bachelor and Master students the opportunity to actively contribute to the digital government community.