As a non-profit (and start-up) organization, we rely heavily on volunteers for key activities. To develop the society’s public face, we invited professional and amateur designers to propose a logo that conveys the mission and vision of the Society.

Dinesh Achar, an Indian financial analyst, submitted the winning design. He says his inspiration came from the Society’s commitment to democratic digital government.

As he describes it, his design vision reflects the key principles of the society: “The dark G rotates and becomes a transparent D. This signifies a closed, opaque government using information technology to become open and transparent. The logo also has D/G spinning around its axis, pointing in four directions, signifying the global applicability of the digital government concept. The interlinked ‘g’s and ‘o’ in the society name signify the sharing and interlinking of information, one of the main features of digital government.”

Dinesh is currently living and working in the Sultanate of Oman which, he says “is one more bit of evidence that the DG concept has a truly global reach.” His work is being used by companies, academic institutions, and conferences and he hopes to widen his reach and variety further.