The Best Management Papers

The Best Management Papers

The Best Management Paper winners are:

Hsini Huang, Yen-Yu Chen, Nai-Ling Kuo and Mei-Jen Hung More than an IT system in the government: The work divide challenges in human-AI coworking context

Congratulations to nominees to the best management award:

252 (runner-up) Nic DePaula, Lu Gao, Sehl Mellouli, Luis Luna-Reyes and Teresa Harrison Regulating the machine: An exploratory study of US state legislations addressing Artificial Intelligence, 2019-2023
70 Tzuhao Chen, J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, G. Brian Burke and Derek Werthmuller Harnessing Technology for Effective Emergency Communication: A Participatory Design Perspective
119 Igor Sampaio, Sérgio Fontes, Eduardo Andrade, Flávia Bernardini and José Viterbo Enhancing Transparency through Explainable Artificial Intelligence: An Exploratory Analysis on  Collusion and Corruption Scenario in Digital Government
95 Claudia Oliveira, Noémie Custers, Tommaso Zonta, Ruben Narzul and Emilia Miscenà The Berlin Declaration monitoring mechanism as an effective tool to monitor EU Member States’ digital transformation
265 Cristina Carata, William Knottenbelt and Vali Malinoiu Governance in the Blockchain Era: The Smart Social Contract
247 Jean Zahn, José Viterbo, Cristiano Maciel and Flavia Bernardini A Framework for Implanting Citizen-Sourcing Platforms in Municipal Ombudsman Offices
188 Charmaine Distor and M. Jae Moon Will Sharing Economy Work in the Public Sector? Exploring Government-Initiated and Facebook-Enabled Use Case from the Philippines
170 Utkarsh Saxena AI Technological Interventions and Court Performance: Evidence from India

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