The Digital Government Society’s
“Artificial Intelligence & Government” Chapter
(DGS AI-Gov Chapter)

Welcome to the DGS Artificial Intelligence and Government Chapter (AI-Gov Chapter), an international and multidisciplinary community under the auspices of the Digital Government Society. As its core objective, the AI-Gov Chapter is dedicated to fostering research and collaboration at the intersection of AI and government.

The Chapter aims to serve as a platform for researchers and scholars worldwide who are dedicated to exploring the intersection of AI and government. It aims to deepen the impact of DGS’s mission by engaging a global audience in addressing critical issues related to implications of AI within government and the rapidly rising questions on global governance of AI.

Our Mission
The AI-Gov Chapter aims to:

  • Advance multidisciplinary research: Promote high-quality research on the impact of AI on government and the governance of AI within the broader field of digital government.
  • Expand the DGS community: Grow the network of scholars and practitioners engaged in AI and government research.
  • Bridge the gap between research and practice: Facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration between researchers and practitioners in AI and government.

What We Offer
The AI-Gov Chapter will provide a platform for:

  • Connecting the global community: Fostering international collaboration and knowledge sharing among AI and government scholars and practitioners.
  • Supporting the DGS mission: Deepening the DGS’s commitment to exploring the critical questions surrounding AI in government and AI governance.
  • Providing resources: Offering access to datasets, publications, and networks of experts.
  • Creating opportunities: Organizing events, research tracks, and exchange programs to facilitate collaboration and knowledge dissemination.

Who Can Join?

The AI-Gov Chapter welcomes:

  1. Scholars, researchers, and academics working in AI-Gov research fields.
  2. Students exploring AI-Gov related questions.
  3. Government stakeholders working on questions related to AI-Gov.
  4. Industry professionals from private sector companies working in related domains.
  5. Representatives from international organizations working in areas related to the governance of AI.

Join Us
We invite you to join the AI-Gov Chapter and contribute to the advancement of responsible AI in government. Together, we can shape the future of AI governance and create a positive impact on society.

Get Involved
The AI-Gov Chapter will host expert talks, meetings, webinars, and research seminars. We will also engage with the community to develop frameworks addressing the emerging questions related to AI and generative AI in public governance.
We look forward to your active participation in our upcoming events and initiatives. Together, let’s explore the potential of AI to transform government and society.

The Founding Members of the AI-Gov Chapter are:

  • Chair: Fadi Salem, MBR School of Government, Director of the Center for Future of Government Research, Policy Research Dept –
  • Theresa Pardo, Associate Vice President for Research & Economic Development, Department of Public Administration & Policy, Center for Technology in Government (CTG UAlbany)
  • Yu-Che Chen, Isaacson Professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s School of Public Administration, and Director of the Digital Governance and Analytics Lab.
  • Gianluca Misuraca, Executive Director, AI4GOV, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain and Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Sehl Mellouli, Professor of Business Administration’s Department of Management Information Systems, Deputy Vice Rector, Academic and Student Affairs
  • Adegboyega Ojo, Professor, Canada Research Chair in Governance and Artificial Intelligence, Carleton University

    To join the DGS AI-Gov Chapter, please express your interest in joining the chapter, while joining the Chapter when you:

  • Register for the upcoming DG.O conference (by purchasing relevant ticket with annual membership included)
  • Purchase the annual membership ticket.

If you are a student and you wish to become a DG.O member you can register HERE

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