Journal Special Issues

Our conferences generate high quality papers.  Each year selected papers are invited to journal special issues. The following is yearly journal special issues edited by the DGS conference organizers that feature the extended and revised versions of the selected dg.o conference papers.

In preparation

  • Liu, M. (Ed.) “Internet Plus Government”, Government Information Quarterly
  • Kim, Y. (Ed.) “Internet, Citizen and Public Policy,”  Information Polity
  • Chun, S., S. Mellouli and Y. Arens (Eds.) “Models and Strategies toward Planning and Developing Smart Cities,” Int. Journal of E-Planning Research.

In press

  • Zhang, J., and Kim, Y. (Eds.) “Digital Government and Wicked Problems: Solution or Problem?” Information Polity.
  • Kim, Y., and Zhang, J., (Eds.) “Digital Government and Wicked Problems” Government Information Quarterly.
  • Gil-Garcia, J. R., Zhang, J., & Puron-Cid, G. (Eds.). Conceptualizing smartness in government: An integrative and multi-dimensional view. Government Information Quarterly (in press).


  • Zhang, J., Puron-Cid, G., & Gil-Garcia, J. R. (2015). Creating public value through Open Government: Perspectives, experiences and applications. Information Polity20 (2, 3), 97-101.
  • Cid, G. P., Gil-Garcia, R. and Zhang J. (Eds.). Smart Cities, Smart Governments and Smart Citizens. International Journal of E-Planning Research. 4(2), 2015: iv-vii.


  • Zhang, J., Luna-Reyes, L. F., & Mellouli, S. (Eds.) Transformational digital government. Government Information Quarterly4(31), 2014:503-505.
  • Mellouli, S., Luna-Reyes, L. F., & Zhang, J. (Eds.) Smart government, citizen participation and open data. Information Polity,19(1, 2), 2014: 1-4.
  • Luna-Reyes, L. F., Bertot, J. C. and Mellouli, S. (Eds.) “Open Government, Open Data and Digital Government.”  Government Information Quarterly 31(1), 2014:4-5




  • Soon Ae Chun, Rodrigo Sandoval and Yigal Arens (Eds.), Information Polity: Special Issue on Public Engagement and Government Collaboration: Theories, Strategies and Case Studies, Vol 16(3), 2011: pp 189-296.


  • Soon Ae Chun, Stuart Shulman, Rodrigo Sandoval and Eduard Hovy (Eds.) Information Polity: Special Issue on Government 2.0: Making Connections between Citizens, Data and Government, Vol. 15 (1 & 2), 2010: pp 1-173.


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