TRACK 15: Mobile Government and Cross-border Service Interoperability

Track Chairs: Thomas J. Lampoltshammer (Danube University Krems, Austria), Herbert Leitold (A-SIT, Austria), Gregor Eibl (Danube University Krems, Austria), Stefan Dedovic (University of Tartu, Estonia)

Until now, many Member States (MS) and associated countries have started implementing the Once-only Principle (OOP) at the national level, but the cross-border implementation is still a work in progress. The SDGR, one of the cornerstones of the Digital Single Market for the EU, will bust this development. There is considerable potential to accelerate national and cross-border OOP scenarios and thus directly benefit the citizens via mobile government services, as the penetration rate of mobile subscribers within the European population is at around 86%, with significant growth rates in the eastern MS. Combined with the increasing need for mobility concerning employment and education, safe, resilient, and sustainable mobile communication is key to tapping into this potential. Hence, in this track, we want to highlight strengths and weaknesses related to the digital transformation and, more specifically, the transition not only into eGovernment but also mGovernment, including facets of the OOP, electronic identification (eID), and SDGR. A particular focus will be set on technical and legal aspects, as well as on governance issues.