TRACK 10: Tech Diplomacy: global partnerships for global good

Track Chairs: Nele Leosk (Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Estonia), Innar Liiv (TalTech, Estonia), Ingrid Pappel (TalTech, Estonia)

Digital technologies play an increasingly important role in our economies and societies and brought new opportunities into the lives of people around the world. That in turn also have become key competitive parameters that can shift the balance of power as well including challenges and obstacles presented by state security and state censorship, media regulations, organizational culture, personnel challenges. The goal of EU Digital Diplomacy is to secure the EU global role in the digital world, to protect its strategic interests and to promote its dynamic, human-centric regulatory framework for an inclusive digital transformation[1]. In terms of service digitalization and digital era, there exists a wide range of approaches based on other countries’ digitalization experiences, which might be considered when a country embarks on their own digitalization journey.