Workshops are half-day or full-day facilitated discussions. Short presentations by workshop participants typically stimulate discussions. Individuals proposing workshops will be responsible for identifying and selecting participants for the workshop and conducting workshop activities. Tutorials are half-day or full-day presentations or hands-on experiences offering deeper insight into the scientific or government domains, research topics or methods, technologies, or field experiences of veteran digital government researchers and practitioners.



Panel discussion proposals may address themes or topics related to any of the tracks for the conference. Additionally, we welcome panel proposals that spotlight practice and application. Proposals from practitioners at all levels of government featuring experiences with, perspectives on, and evaluations of digital government practice are encouraged. Individuals interested in submitting panel proposals are invited to consult the program co-chairs about their ideas before developing their submissions.



The poster session, held in conjunction with the system demonstrations, allows presenters to discuss research in progress, application projects, or government policies and program initiatives in one-to-one conversations with other participants at the conference.



The doctoral colloquium is a full-day and highly interactive forum in which Ph.D. students meet and discuss their work with each other and with senior faculty from a variety of disciplines associated with digital government research. We welcome applicantsĀ from a broad range of research areas relevant to digital government.