Full List of Nominations

Category 1

The case for a broader approach to e-participation research: Hybridity, isolation and system orientation – Martin Karlsson and Magnus Adenskog

How Search Engines See European Women -Kristian Dokic, Barbara Pisker and Gordan Paun

A Systematic Literature Review on the Adoption of Edge Computing for Sustainable Development – May Myat Thwe and Kyung Ryul Pa

Barriers to the Introduction of Artificial Intelligence to Support Communication Experts in Media and the Public Sector to Combat Fake News and Misinformation – Walter Seböck, Bettina Biron and Thomas J. Lampoltshammer

Robot colleagues in Swedish municipalities: How RPA affects the work situation of employees – Daniel Toll, Maria Booth and Ida Lindgren  (WINNER)

Design Principles for developing Open Source Urbanism  – Sergei Zhilin and Marijn Janssen

The self-serving citizen as a co-producer in the digital public service delivery – Hanne Höglund Rydén, Sara Hofmann and Guri Verne

Drivers of Dissatisfaction with an Open Government Data Portal: A Critical Incident Technique Approach – Alizée Francey

Dynamic Capabilities and Digital Transformation in Public Sector: Evidence from Brazilian case study – Larissa Galdino de Magalhães Santos

Category 2

The Human Likeness of Government Chatbots – an Empirical Study from Norwegian Municipalities – Asbjørn Følstad, Anna Grøndahl Larsen and Nina Bjerkreim-Hanssen  (WINNER)

The Evolution of Government Strategies from IT to Digitalization: A Comparative Study of Two Time Periods in Swedish local governments – Aya Rizk, Daniel Toll, Leif Sundberg and Marcus Heidlund

Category 3

The Maturity of Knowledge-based Management in Finnish Central-Government Organizations: The Need for Managing the Knowledge-based Management  -Emma Partanen, Pasi Raatikainen, Pasi Hellsten and Jussi Myllärniemi (WINNER)