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The EGOV 2022 conference is hosted by the Division of Information Systems and Digitalization, at the Department of Management and Engineering, Linköping University (LiU). LiU is situated in the south of Sweden and is known for its interdisciplinary research. The university offers many innovative educational programmes, many of them with a clear vocational focus. The university has approx. 32.000 students and 4.000 employees, distributed across on four campuses. The students graduating from LiU are among the most desirable in the Swedish labour market and international rankings consistently place LiU as a leading global university.


EGOV 2022 at Linköping University will bring you all the conference experience you expect, but with a touch of Swedish specialties, such as “fika” and opportunities to visit untouched nature and places with a rich cultural heritage. The conference will be held at Campus Valla, situated in the city of Linköping.


Just a stone´s throw away from our lively and modern campus you can experience Linköpings well-preserved old town, with small cottages and old-fashioned boutiques. The city center of Linköping is in a walking distance from our campus, and offers shopping, cozy cafes, and museums. The city´s great medieval cathedral is always present as it reaches over the treetops and invites you to take a closer look. With 160.000 inhabitants, Linköping is Sweden’s fifth largest city and one of the fastest growing municipalities in the county. The city’s charm lies in its size; Linköping is quite simply a small big city, offering a wide range of experiences within a short distance.  The atmosphere of Linköping is influenced by its students, the University and the University Hospital, and its many high-tech companies, especially companies associated with IT and aviation; a third of the city’s business community work or conduct research in some connection to aviation.


If you want to extend your visit in Sweden beyond the conference participation, Linköping is the perfect place to start (https://visitlinkoping.se/en). In early September, Sweden is in its most idyllic appearance. The days are long and our nature is filled with vibrant colours. A short drive from the city center you can find plenty of sites that are well worth a day’s visit or two. You can watch small boats pass the many locks of the historical and impressing Göta Canal (https://www.gotakanal.se/en/). You are also a short distance away from the picturesque town of Vadstena, where you can stroll the historical streets and visit the city´s medieval castle and convent (https://www.upplevvadstena.se/en). Our neighboring city Norrköping, where LiU also has a campus, is worth a visit with its energetic student life and the beautiful archipelago of Saint Anna (https://visit.norrkoping.se).


We are also proud of our unique capital, Stockholm (https://www.visitstockholm.com). Located only two hours’ drive, or a fast train connection from Linköping, Stockholm offers all the modernity and extraordinary experiences you need and wish for. Being built on many islands, Stockholm offers a beautiful seafront, where historical buildings and landmarks are mixed with a modern and innovative city pulse. Please consider spending a couple of days in Stockholm after the conference!


We are excited to host EGOV2022 and look forward to welcoming you to our campus in September 2022.


Important information about accommodation and transportation in Linköping:

The city of Linköping offers a wide variety of accommodations, from modern hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts. EGOV2022 will be held at Campus Valla, which is located just outside the city center in Linköping. The city center is connected to the campus by frequent city buses, which makes it convenient to travel by bus. For more information regarding the city buses in Linköping such as maps, prices and timetables, visit the public transport website: https://www.ostgotatrafiken.se/. It is also possible to walk to Campus Valla. Walking from the city center takes approximately 30 minutes.

Please note that Sweden is a cash-free society; paying with debit or credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa or American Express is therefore needed, since most stores and services do not accept cash.

For your convenience, we have pre-booked rooms at the following hotels at discounted rates. Just remember to refer to the booking code sent out by e-mail June 2nd. If the alternatives below do not suit your preferences, there are plenty of other accommodation alternatives available online. The city´s tourist center, “Visit Linköping”, provides a selection of accommodation alternatives here: https://visitlinkoping.se/en/plan/accommodation.


Hotels that offer a discounted rate to EGOV-participants:

Elite Stora hotellet – Stora Torget 9, located 4 km from Campus Valla. Elite Stora hotellet is located at Linköpings main square in the middle of the city center. It originates from 1852 and is one of Sweden´s oldest city hotels.

Best Western And Hotel – Storgatan 49, located 4 km from Campus Valla. A newly renovated hotel in a modern style that have all the amenities you need. The hotel is situated in the city center and close to Linköping Cathedral.

Sky Hotel Apartments – Kungsgatan 16, located 4,5 km from Campus Valla. Sky Hotel offers modern studios in a central location in Linköping. The studios are equipped with a small kitchen, and dining area.

Hotell Livgrenadjärmässen – Brigadgatan 8, located 4 km from Campus Valla. A newly built hotel in a historic venue. Livgrenadjärmässen is located at an old regiment area, that have medieval roots. Observe that this hotel is not located in the city center.


How to reach Linköping


By air


KLM operates a direct flight between Amsterdam and Linköping, making the whole world within easy reach from Linköping. Linköping City Airport is located a 5-minute ride from downtown Linköping by taxi or car.

www.linkopingcityairport.se  Phone: +46 (0)13- 26 28 00

Another way of reaching Linköping is to fly to Stockholm Arlanda Airport and then take the train from there to Linköping. Trains between Arlanda Airport and Linköping are frequent.



There is an additional airport south of Stockholm, located in Nyköping, only 100 km north of Linköping: Stockholm Skavsta Airport. It´s easy to travel between Nyköping and Linköping by intercity bus or by train.


It is also possible to reach Linköping by flying to Copenhagen Airport (Denmark), although this is a route that requires a longer trip by train (Copenhagen – Malmö – Linköping).



By train

Linköping is a stop along the main railway line between Stockholm and Malmö and trains are frequent. With the X2000 fast train, it takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes from Stockholm to Linköping. From Malmö to Linköping, the trip is about 3 hours.

For train tickets and information, go to Sweden´s national railway company´s site sj.se or call +46 (0)771-75 75 75. Note that you cannot buy a ticket on the train.

Besides SJ, Snälltåget also operates between Malmö and Stockholm.



The EGOV 2022 conference is hosted by the Division of Information Systems and Digitalization, at the Department of Management and Engineering, Linköpings Universitet (LiU). LiU is known for its interdisciplinary research and offers many innovative educational programmes. The university has approx. 32.000 students and 4.000 employees, distributed across on four campuses. EGOV will be arranged on our largest campus – Campus Valla – which is situated just outside the city center of Linköping (marked in yellow in the map below).

Important information:

  • Please note that Sweden is a cash-free society; paying with debit or credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, or American Express is therefore needed, since most stores and services do not accept cash.
  • Tap water in Sweden is of high quality and is perfectly safe to drink.
  • Internet – All European academics will be able to be connected to the Internet through the Eduroam connection. Participants without an Eduroam account can connect to Internet through the open network provided by Linköping University. Please contact the registration desk if you need help connecting to the network.

Find your way at Campus Valla

The sessions and presentations are held in various lecture halls at Campus Valla.

Our conference meeting area is in building Zenit. Here, you can register for the conference and food is served here during lunch and breaks. The registration desk is staffed all day, in case you need assistance or have questions.

All paper sessions will be held in the building called Studenthuset. Studenthuset is situated just opposite of Zenit and the heart of Campus Valla, where you find cafés, lecture halls, and our library. The lecture halls SH62, SH63, Flexsal A, and Lövverket are situated in Studenthuset.

The closing key note speech is held in Building Key, located next to Studenthuset.

To help you to find your way at Campus, there will also be printed signs with directions to the lecture halls, marked with EGOV2022.