Questions & Answers

dg.o 2024: 25th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research

  1. When is the deadline for submission?

    27th on April (my suggestion)

  2. Can I change paper information, such as paper title, add/remove co-authors?

    Yes, you can change all information.

  3. What if I do not have ORCIDs?

    The ACM requires all authors’ ORCID, please apply online. There is an instruction from ACM.

    A webpage describing ACM’s partnership with the Publons Reviewer Recognition Service.

  4. If I do not wish to publish my conference paper, what should I do?

    Please let Program Chair know, and you do not need to upload anything.

  5. Do I need to pay the OA fees?

    Authors do not pay the OA fee. For the ICPS conferences, ACM will be removing the hybrid open access option and requiring that all ICPS corresponding authors are either affiliated with institutions actively participating in the ACM Open program or they will be required to pay an APC of either $700 or $1,000 (with the lower price for active ACM Members) in order to publish their article with ACM. You can use the link to search if your institutions participating in ACM OPEN. All information can be accessed from this link: https://www.acm.org/publications/icps/author-guidance.

    Open Access Guidance for ICPS Authors

    Institutions Currently Participating in ACM OPEN

    participants in ACM Open

  6. I kept received errors when uploading my paper, what can I do?

    It will probably the problem from the format of your paper. If you have any questions, ACM is happy to provide authors working with LATEX class and Microsoft Word files technical help. Please direct your technical query to: acmtexsupport@aptaracorp.com for both LaTeX and Microsoft Word inquiries. All email queries will be responded to within 24 hours.

  7. Why my co-authors do not received an email regarding the ACM proceeding?

    A Each paper only has one corresponding author. Please inform your co-author regarding the ACM proceeding.

  8. What is the deadline for the camera-ready versions of the papers in order to be published in the proceedings? Are the templates available online?

    The deadline for the camera-ready versions of the papers would be early April and you will receive an invite for paper submission by ACM.
    Here are templates or you can see last year’s preceeding: DGO’23

    Submissions need to follow the guidelines established for the dg.o conference.

    • All submissions should use ACM proceedings submission template (with the exception of the doctoral colloquium). You can obtain the template by going to the instruction here: (Prepare your article with LaTeX or Prepare your article with Microsoft Word).
    • For people using LaTeX: We strongly recommend using Overleaf Platform available to all ACM authors. Follow the direction in this link to create your manuscript. Please use the latest version of the Master Article Template – LaTeX to create your article submission. Please use the template option “sigconf” to format your paper; like \documentclass[sigconf]{acmart}. Citation Style and Reference Formats: Follow the styles written in the direction. For example, if you use Zotero, the citation style is ACM SIG Proceedings. If you are using other systems for exporting references, please find a citation style corresponding to ACM SIG Proceedings.
  9. Is it possible to attend the extra activities of the conference with a person that is not an author? For example, the reception or the official dinner.

    Yes, in the registration system, you can order special event ticket for one additional guest. If you need more, please contact the DGS financial person, Paula: phauser@albany.edu

  10. How I can submit a revised version of my paper that incorporates the reviewer’s comments. Can I still use the easychair website and if so, how do I upload from there?

    The ACM will send a submission email in April and you can upload it then. Please check our submission page for instructions after March 31st. Link: DGO’24, submission