dg.o 2024: 25th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research

The ACM Publishing System (TAPS)

Submission Process

There are two steps:
Authors will first need to complete the author/paper information/copyright. After this step, authors will receive a confirmation email. Next, the TAPS will email a link for authors to upload their papers separately.

Please complete the submission by May 5

Preparation for TAPS Submission (word only)

  1. Using the submission template to organize your paper. You did this step when submitting documents to Easy Chair.
  2. Using Microsoft Word Macro to validate your paper.
    1. Download the version of primary article template which is compatible with your operating system: Windows, Macintosh Office 2011, or Macintosh Office 2016.
    2. Enable Macro for Windows:
      1. Select “Options” from “File”.
      2. Select “Adds-in” from “Word Option” dialogue.
      3. Select “Template” from “Management”.
      4. Select the primary article template that you download.
    3. Enable Macro for Macintosh::
      1. Select “Template and Add-Ins” from “Tools”.
      2. Select “Attach”.
      3. Select the primary article template that you download.
    4. Run “Manuscript Validation” in Microsoft Word.
  1. TAPS only accepts the papers that are validated by Macro.
  2. If you have any other questions or use Latex to format your paper, please review the full page for more information.
  3. If you have any questions about TAPS flow, please review this page for more information.
  4. Here are some common errors in the manuscript validation.
    1. missing rights command(s) – one or more of the LaTeX commands given to you when you completed the rights form are not included in the LaTeX source file. You will need to add the missing commands.
    2. invalid LaTeX packages – you are using a LaTeX package that is not on the list of approved packages. You will need to remove that package and implement its function in another way.
    3. missing figures / incorrect paths to figures – one or more figures are missing from the material delivered to TAPS, and/or the paths in the LaTeX source file do not point to the figures.
    4. if your event is sponsored by SIGGRAPH or SIGPLAN and you did not choose the “author year” citation and reference style, this will be reported as an error.
    5. incorrect template used – You need to use the proper Word templates. The “interim” template is not compatible with TAPS.
    6. document not validated – You must run the “Manuscript Validation” macro on your Word document, and have it successfully complete, before delivering the Word document to TAPS.

Should you experience any difficulties during the upload process, feel free to reach out to the TAPS support team at <>.

Alternatively, the conference team is available for further assistance:
Liao, Hsin-Chung <>
cc. dgo team: <>.


Submissions need to follow the guidelines established for the dg.o conference.

  • All submissions should use ACM proceedings submission template (with the exception of the doctoral colloquium). You can obtain the template by going to the instruction here: (Prepare your article with LaTeX or Prepare your article with Microsoft Word).
  • For people using LaTeX: We strongly recommend using Overleaf Platform available to all ACM authors. Follow the direction in this link to create your manuscript. Please use the latest version of the Master Article Template – LaTeX to create your article submission. Please use the template option “sigconf” to format your paper; like \documentclass[sigconf]{acmart}. Citation Style and Reference Formats: Follow the styles written in the direction. For example, if you use Zotero, the citation style is ACM SIG Proceedings. If you are using other systems for exporting references, please find a citation style corresponding to ACM SIG Proceedings.
  • Research, Management, and Policy papers will go through a double-blind process. Therefore, author names and contact information must be omitted from the submission.
  • All other submissions should also use ACM proceedings submission template but include author names and contact information.
  • All authors should submit manuscripts for review in a single-column format.
  • Submit your work via EasyChair:
  • In the EasyChair, Authors must identify the topic(s) being addressed in the paper and assign it to the proposed tracks while submitting it in EasyChair to assist the program committee in the review process.
  • All submissions will be checked for plagiarism.
  • In April, registered authors will receive email notifications regarding the ACM submission guidelines and procedures.

Note: For the Chinese language submission, please use the same template. When accepted, authors must enter authors, titles, and abstracts in English for ACM publication.