Note: This page is created by modifying information in the ACM Publication Workflow.

Step 1: Complete the copyright form

  • For the authors with accepted submissions, it is important to understand that the dg.o 2021 conference proceedings will be copyrighted. Therefore, by presenting and publishing with dg.o 2021, you are also acknowledging that your work has not appeared, and will not appear, in another publication in the same form.
  • Corresponding author(s) will be contacted to fill the copyright information, provided by ACM.
  • Once authors complete their ACM e-Rights forms, they will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to submit their papers to the ACM Publishing System (TAPS).

Step 2: Formatting for the ACM Proceeding

For people using MS Word:

  1. Download the ACM Primary Article Template – Microsoft Word. Please choose the correct template version based on your platform: [MAC 2011 (cursor over to download), MAC 2016 (cursor over to download), or Windows (cursor over to download)] and save the .zip file to your local machine.
  2. Open the zip file and save the template file to your machine and then follow these instructions (cursor over to download) to attach the ACM Article Template to your accepted submission version and prepare your paper (still in single-column format) for validation in using the ACM Publishing System (TAPS).

For people using LaTeX

Please proceed to Step 3 below.

Step 3: Submit your file(s) to the ACM Publishing System (TAPS) 

  • Download these instructions (cursor over to download) for information on how to use TAPS. TAPS will process your paper and auto-generate proofs of your article for your review. Please allow time for generating and correcting the proof. While you may need to make corrections to the output in TAPS, you MUST revise the file which was uploaded to TAPS. This means you may not reupload new versions from your locally kept source files.
  • Please make sure that you and your authors approve in their email setttings to ensure that all messages from TAPS are received.
  • Ideally, authors should complete uploading the verified file to TAPS by the end of May so that we can publish and make the ACM proceeding available to you before the conference begins.


***There is a YouTube video for preparing a manuscript for TAPS submission using MS Word 2016. We would like to recognize Dr. Loni Hagen’s contribution:  The youtube video is here: The mp4 file is here:

Best Practices

Please see the ACM’s best practices guidelines for Microsoft Word, LaTeX, and The ACM Publishing System (TAPS). These have been compiled and will be updated regularly to serve as a reference to help authors prepare their text for publication by the most efficient means possible.

If you wish to provide us with your feedback on the templates, documentation, or workflow, please contact us at

  1. For Microsoft Word best practices, please see embedded instructions within the formatted 2-column example of the submission template which includes alt-text for floats.
  2. LaTeX best practices; also available in PDF
  3. The ACM Publishing System (TAPS) best practices; also available in PDF


e-Rights questions need to be sent to
TAPS support questions need to be directed to TAPS support at