Call for Volunteers  

Nominating Committee for Election of the Digital Government Society Board

The DGS board is preparing an election to select the new board that will start on January 1, 2022.  The board members will serve 2 year term once elected from Jan 2022 to Dec 2023. 

The vacating positions include: 

  • President elect 
  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer 
  • 6 board members 

The minimum three member nominating committee will be advised by the past president  of the DGS. 

The DG society bylaws stipulate the following:  “To oversee the elections, there shall be a Nominating Committee consisting of at least three members.  Nominating Committee members will be solicited by the Board in advance of each election by an open call for volunteers.  Nominating Committee members must be Society Members in good standing, may not be continuing officers or candidates for election, and may not serve on the Nominating Committee for longer than three consecutive years.  The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall be determined by vote of the members of the Nominating Committee.  The Past President of the Society Board shall consult with the Nominating Committee to provide advice about potential nominees. [Amended 12/15/2007]

Eligibility for the nominating committee member 

  • A current DGS member  
  • Not a current member of the DGS board 
  • Not a candidate of election 
  • Not on the Nominating Committee in the last two consecutive years 

The nominating committee has the following time schedule and set of responsibilities: 

  • Oct 10, 2021:   Identify nominees by an open call for candidates as well as by individual outreach. The Committee shall nominate at least one person for each position to be filled.   
  • Oct 15:  The Secretary shall notify the Society Members of  the nominations, and at the same time request additional nominations.   
  • Nov 10:  Additional nominations, supported by at least three Society Members, may be submitted. Evidence must be presented that the nominee will serve if elected.  If there is more than one nominee for any position, the Secretary shall prepare ballots for that position  
  • Nov 15:  An online voting process, open to Members in good standing, will commence.   
  • Dec 15:  Last day of voting 
  • Dec 16:  Announce the results of election.  A majority vote of the ballots received by the fifteenth of December shall determine the results of such contests. 
  • Jan 1, 2022: Those elected shall take office. 

If you are interested in volunteering to be part of the Nominating Committee and meet the above eligibility criteria, please contact  any of the following DGS officers by no later than August 25, 2021.  

Luis F. Luna-Reyes, President of the DGS (
Marijn Janssen, President Elect  ( 
Sehl Mellouli, Past President,  (
Lukasz Porwol, Secretary  (
Andrea Kavanaugh, Treasurer (