Welcome the new DGS Officers and Board Members

The DGS election committee (chaired by John Bertot) announces and welcomes newly elected DGS Board Members and officers.   

The new board (2016-2017) consists of the following members:

  • Officers:   Soon Ae Chun (President), Sehl Mellouli (President Elect), Theresa Pardo (Past President), Andrea Kavanaugh (Treasurer), Natalie Helbig (Secretary)

  • Board members:   Karen Mossberger, Jing Zhang, Lukasz Porwol, Scott Robertson, Rodrigo Sandoval-Almazan, Chris Hinnat 

The new board continues working with the past board for a seamless transition.  

 We thank the following past board members (2014-2015) for their dedicated services and contributions to the society:

  • Officers:  Theresa Pardo (President),  Soon Ae Chun (President Elect), John Bertot (Past President), Andrea Kavanaugh (Treasurer), Sehl Mellouli (Secretary),
  • Board members:   Lei Zheng, Natalie Helbig, Scott Robertson, Rodrigo Sandoval-Almazan, Chris Reddick,  Vishanth Weerakkody

Thank you, all the members of the society, for participating in the election in December 2015!