Valerie Scholarship Fund - Contribute Today!

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

Many of us have had the good fortune to find mentors, collaborators, and inspiration in the international digital government research community.  Belonging to a welcoming  intellectual community is especially important for students who choose this multi-disciplinary, non-traditional research area.  Students in the doctoral colloquium at the annual dg.o conference often tell us how happy they are to find a vibrant group of like-minded scholars to engage in their work.

Three years ago the Digital Government Society established a student support fund with a bequest from one of our founders, Valerie Gregg.  Valerie was tireless in building our community through institutional, professional, and personal connections.  We honor her each year at dg.o by providing the colloquium students with a full-registration scholarship that allows them to participate in the entire conference.  But we want and need to do more to encourage excellent students to apply for the colloquium and engage in the conference and the community, regardless of their own resources

We ask you to contribute to Valerie's vision for a global digital government research community by making a donation to the Valerie Gregg International Student Fund.  As the fund grows we will be able to offer travel support as well as conference registration fees to attract the best students to the colloquium, and more importantly to the future of our field.

Contributions of any amount are easy to make and are tax deductible for US residents.  Please click here to learn more and to donate .

Thank you on behalf of all the young scholars who will benefit from your generosity.

Sharon Dawes, Member and Past President

John Bertot, Past President

Theresa Pardo, President