Open Governance Exchange - Research Sharing

Another research sharing platform launched by NYU GovLab!   The following states what this Open Governance Research Exchange is about:

The Open Governance Research Exchange (OGRX) seeks to solve this problem by curating and making accessible a diversity of findings on innovating governance.

Developed by the GovLab in collaboration with the World Bank Digital Engagement Evaluation Team and mySociety, OGRX provides:

  • platform for researchers to share findings and methodologies;
  • repository of theoretical and applied research on open and innovative governance techniques and tools;
  • diversity of publication types – from research reports and journal articles to books and dissertations;
  • taxonomy for browsing research by type of innovation, objective, region, sector or tool;
  • The ability to submit new research for inclusion on the site; and
  • community for those interested and committed to studying the impact of governance innovations and a place for those with research questions to connect to those with projects to study.