Call for Bids for dg.o 2017 conference

The Digital Government Society (DGS) invites bids to host the 18th annual international conference, known as dg.o. The bid process includes two deadlines: the first is for a draft proposal and the second, for selected bidders, a final proposal.  

Draft Bid Proposals. Draft Bids are due to the DGS Treasurer on March 1, 2015. Selected bidders will be asked to provide additional information in a Final Bid. The Site Selection Committee and the Board will complete the evaluation of draft bids by April 1, 2015. 

IoT needs a lot of rethinking - policy makers will help or hinder?

The IoT (Internet of Things) connecting physical devices, cyber and social sources promises to create the future smart cities,  but the innovation requires data liberation and the policy that does not stifle the innovation.  Can we meet these requirement to make smart cities? A panel discussion at Center for Data Innovation was addressing these issues and more. 

Force Multiplier: Technology for Police and Law Enforcement Agencies

For a smart police to reduce costs, some police department (e.g. Camden NJ Police Department) use a concept a "Force Multiplier" to use technology for fighting crimes. A real-time tactical operational intelligence center that pulls together data from an array of cameras, gunshot location devices and automated license plate readers. Real-time data is processed and is fed back to the cops, when they respond to incidents. Patrol car locations are tracked so officers can be deployed where they are most needed.


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