Happy 2016!

Dear DGS members and colleagues:

The DG Society wishes you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and fulfilling New Year!

We appreciate your continued support and participation.  A few highlight announcements include:

The Economist on Open Data Revolution

In Nov 21, 2015, the Economist features an article on " The open-data revolution has not lived up to expectations. But it is only getting started."  It has obvious benefits with the open government data, but it also argues that "Given the astonishing scale of the data deluge, though, it is reasonable to ask why more has not been achieved. There are four answers to that. First, the data that have been made available are often useless. Second, the data engineers and entrepreneurs who might be able to turn it all into useful, profitable products find it hard to navigate.

dg.o 2016 Conference Tracks

The following tracks are featured in dg.o 2016 conference in Shanghai, China:  This year's theme track "Internet-PLUS Government" and the anniversary track "Reflections on the Digital Governmen Research and Practice" are added.  Your contributions are welcome!


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