DGS Email List Service

The Digital Government Society established the Society Email list service (dgs-list).  By subscribing to the dgs-list, the society members and friends will be able to share your announcements, news, new research results, questions, etc. related to the topics of interest via a simple email messages.

  To subscribe, send an email to:  dgs-list-on@mail-list.com

  To post a message, send an email to:  dgs-list@mail-list.com


To unsubscribe, send an email to:  dgs-list-off@mail-list.com
To switch to/from the digest, send an email to: dgs-list-switch@mail-list.com
To get on/off vacation, send an email to:  dgs-list-vacation@mail-list.com
To change your address, send an email to: dgs-list-change@mail-list.com
To reach the listowner, send an email to: