E-Government Reference Library version 9.0

Version 9.0 of the e-Gov Reference Library (EGRL) has been published and now contains 5,829 references of predominantly English-language, peer-reviewed work in the study domains of electronic government and electronic governance. This marks a 5.5% increase in references from version 8.5 and a 15.4% increase from version 8.0.

The e-Gov Reference Library has become an indispensable tool for e-Gov scholars. In particular, reviewers of paper submissions are now reported to rely heavily on this reference library. Packaged in a 9.45 MB zip file, bibTeX, RIS, EndNote, and Zotero versions along with PDF, text, rtf versions are available. A Mendeley version can easily be created by importing from EndNote xml, RIS, or bibTeX files.

The EGRL now resides on its own website at http://faculty.washington.edu/jscholl/egrl/.