DG Society Board meeting updates in March 2016

The Digital Government Board in the March 2016 meeting adopted the following policies in March 2016:

  • The digital government society establishes the Awards Committee to be a standing committee. The Awards committee will consist of one chair and at least two members,  who are active society members.  The main activities include: the committee will receive the nominations for the outstanding service award, evaluate candidate nominee materials and make a selection for a winner.  The Awards committee chair will receive the recommendations from the conference awards committee for annual best paper awards, and make announcements at the annual conference awards ceremony.  The Awards committee also will reach out potential contributors and sponsors for any prizes (e.g. cash awards) that go out with the awards.  
  • In addition to the annual best paper awards, the digital government society selects and grants the  outstanding contribution/service award each year at the annual dg.o conference to honor an individual who has made outstanding contributions to serve the society, conferences  and/or the  DG community  in alignment with the dg society mission and goals.   The goals of this award include:
  1. To honor individuals who have served the society, dg.o conference and the community
  2. To promote the potential leaders to participate in the future society activities
  3. To highlight the importance of the leadership in the dg society and the dg community 

     For the nomination and selection process, visit the dgsociety's Awards section.