Board Members  (2018-19)

University of Nebraska at Omaha, United States

Yu-Che Chen, Ph.D., is Professor of Digital Governance in the School of Public Administration at University of Nebraska at Omaha. Dr. Chen is the Director of the Global Digital Governance Lab. Dr. Chen received his Master of Public Affairs and Ph.D. in Public Policy from Indiana University—Bloomington. His current research interests are in collaborative cyberinfrastructure, smart and connected communities, big data, e-governance performance, and open government. He has published a single-authored book entitled Managing Digital Governance (2017) by Routledge and the Routledge Handbook on Information Technology in Government (2017) as the lead editor. In addition, he has published more than thirty journal articles, book chapters, and management reports on e-government and digital governance as well as the book entitled Electronic Governance and Cross-boundary Collaboration. His research can be found in scholarly journals such as Public Administration Review, Public Management Review, American Review of Public Administration, Public Performance and Management Review, and Government Information Quarterly. He is Associate Editor of the International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age (IJPADA). He serves as Chair of the Section on Public Administration Research for the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).

Autonomous University of Mexico State, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

Rodrigo Sandoval-Almazan is Associate Professor at the Political Sciences and Social Sciences Department in the Autonomous State University of Mexico, in Toluca City. Dr. Sandoval-Almazan is the author or co-author of articles in Government Information Quarterly, Information Polity, Electronic Journal of Electronic Government; Journal of Information Technology for Development; Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce; International Journal of E-Politics IJEP. His research interests include electronic government, open government and social media in government. Proffesor Sandoval-Almazan has a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Public Administration, a Masters in Management focused on Marketing, and a Ph.D. in Management with Information Systems.

Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Department of Engineering Systems and Services, Delft, The Netherlands

Marijn Janssen holds the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek chair in “ICT and Governance” and is head of the Information and Communication Technology research group of the Technology, Policy and Management Faculty of Delft University of Technology.
His research is focused on ICT-architecting in situations in which multiple public and private organizations need to collaborate, in which ICT plays an enabling role, there are various ways to proceed, and socio-technical solutions are constrained by organizational realities and political wishes.
He conducted and managed a large number of projects including NWO Agile project (Advanced Governance of Information services through Legal Engineering) and NWO Just project (JUridical and context-aware Sharing of informaTion for ensuring compliance). He was involved in EU funded projects in the past aimed at developing e-government community (FP7 EGovRTD2020 and FP7 eGovPoliNet project) and research (Engage, OpenGovIntelligence VRE34IC).
In his career he received 15 awards for best papers at conferences and in journals. He is a frequently asked as a keynote speaker. He was ranked as one of the leading e-government researchers in a survey in 2009, 2014 and 2016 and published over 500 refereed publications.More information

National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
Lukasz Porwol is a Post-Doctoral Researcher and E-Government Deputy Unit Leader at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) . His research work focuses on leveraging digital technologies such as social media and Virtual Reality to support effective communication, collaboration and co-creation, in particular in the context of e-Participation and Media Convergence. Lukasz is an experienced leader, consultant and data architect and has been working with politicians, decision-makers and business representatives on various e-Participation initiatives. Lukasz has over 10 years’ experience in working and coordinating work in various European Commission and Enterprise funded projects (1 – €4 million) mainly in the domain of e-Participation, Open Data and Cloud Computing. This includes late H2020 projects like Route-to-PA, ARCADIA and Your Data Stories. Recently, he co-coordinated, a successful proposal on Social Media and Media Convergence – COMPACT, H2020 project. Lukasz has been elected (2nd term) to the prestigious board of international e-Government organisation – Digital Government Society based in New York, USA. He is a registered ODI (Open Data Institute, London) trainer and official Medley (Elsevier) Advisor for Ireland. Lukasz has been recognized for his entrepreneurial efforts at BYIE Challenge in 2014. Lukasz is on board of directors for the Computer & Communications Museum of Ireland Limited. His background combines solid engineering and scientific knowledge (Eng. in Information Technologies, MSc in Data Management and Ph.D. in Electronic Participation) with good management and PR skills.

Clark University, Massachusetts, United States

Jing Zhang is a Professor and Academic Associate Dean at the Graduate School of Management at Clark University. Her research focuses on inter-organizational information and knowledge sharing, organizational impact of technology and innovation, and the information technology support for sustainable consumption and sustainable supply chain. She served as the program co-chair for dg.o conference from 2012-2015, and she is an elected board member of the Digital Government Society. Her publications appear in European Journal of Information Systems, Government Information Quarterly, Public Performance and Management Review, Information Technology and Management, among others.

Her research was supported by the US National Science Foundation and Mosakowski Institute of Public Enterprise. Her publications received the best paper awards from major conferences. She is the recipient of the Senior Faculty Fellowship at Clark University in 2016.

University at Albany, State University of New York, United States

Teresa is a Professor of Communication in the Department of Communication at the University at Albany, State University of New York, a Faculty Fellow at the Center for Technology in Government (CTG), and an affiliated faculty member of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Information Science at the University at Albany. She was named a Collins Fellow in 2013 for sustained service to the University and chaired the Department of Communication for over 9 years. She conducts research in information and communication technologies, with a particular focus on democratic and government contexts and have published my work in journals such as Big Data & Society, Government Information Quarterly, Information Polity, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), and New Media and Society. Some of her papers have won awards, including one that won a John Wiley Best JAS ST Paper Award. She is now an associate editor/editorial board member for the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, the International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age, New Media & Society, and others.

She has been a member of the Digital Government Society since its inception in 2007, and has participated in the planning of our conferences as a member of the program committee and as chair or co-chair of the panels track since 2009. As a board member, she expect to become a more active contributor to discussions about and planning for the future of our organization. The Digital Government Society can best serve its members, and governments around the world, by constructing innovative programs and services that support the creation of new knowledge about how digital technologies can be used to enhance interaction between government and citizens, build more responsive and effective government organizations, and promote innovation and improved decision making through open data practices. Beyond these foundational pursuits, she believes that the Society can, and should, also exercise leadership by exploring and addressing the misuse of information and technology, inadvertent or intentional, through government action and in government contexts.

Staff Members

Arbi Chouikh, Web-master (2019)

Andrea N. Downey (2015)

Philip Aydinian (2014)

Joel Richard, Web master (2012 – 2015)

Past Presidents

2016-2017 Soon Ae Chun, City University of New York

2012-2013     John Carlos Bertot, University of Maryland, College Park

2010-2011     Hans Jochen Scholl, University of Washington

2008-2009     Eduard Hovy, University of Southern California/ISI

2006-2007     Sharon Dawes, University of Albany